My occasional thoughts on design, photography and the creative process.

Getting started with the Sonos Play 1

Just a quick post as a few friends wanted to know how I was getting on with the Sonos Play:1. My wife and I wanted something that would work well for a Kitchen stereo. After trying several radios over the years that all seemed to be not quite right, we ... read more

favourite Sketch shortcuts

Since starting work as a designer, I've loved using Sketch - it's a real lightweight design tool that I couldn't live without. Below are some of my most used Keyboard shortcuts that I use daily. The more time I spent with my hands on the keyboard the less time I ... read more

establishing a regular run

One of the things I find really hard to do despite best intentions is establishing a regular run. I'm a master at coming up with all the excuses, however small to allow me to either stay in bed or on the sofa in the warm. I was used to working ... read more

Jekyll blogging from iOS

I blog using Jekyll, a really nice static site generator. I wanted to see whether I could, with a minimum of apps and fuss, write posts on my iPad, and publish them up to my blog. A text editor - Byword After a bit of research, I found that Byword, ... read more