Useful Git commands for (code-savvy) designers

As a designer and front end developer, I'm constantly switching between projects and git repositories helping out developers with their front-end code, and sometimes it's easy to commit things to the wrong branch occasionally. At work we use a version of Git Flow, where we push code to 'feature branches', ... read more

Eliminating distractions as a generalist

Throughout my career I've been a real generalist - one of my major weaknesses (and strengths) is that I'm interested in everything. As a result my focus can easily be pulled from one thing to the next, and have found it hard to be productive with so many self-inflicted things ... read more

Dealing with information overload in an always connected world

These days most online apps and site are designed to hook you in. Notifications and alerts abound, and combine that with emails and things like Twitter and Facebook, it can seem like and endless Sisyphean task to deal with it all. But you don't have to. You don't have to ... read more

Using analytics to make web development decisions

I'm always wondering whether I can use the latest and greatest in web technologies on things that I make, and while the real answer to this is to use progressive enhancement, in some cases this isn't possible due to constraints beyond your control. However if you use Google Analytics, I ... read more