Alistair Power

Web Developer, User Interface Designer, and Photographer

I'm a Web Developer, User Interface Designer, and Photographer from Oxford.

About Me

I work for Twigkit, helping Fortune 500 companies improve the search experience for their users across a range of applications. Prior to that I worked as a web team lead for Nominet the UK domain registry, helping design and build web sites and applications used by thousands of their customers to maintain and transfer their domain names.

I'm very much a generalist software developer with a keen web focus, having worked on both back end apps and front-end sites, using a real variety of languages and technologies over the past 15 years.

Trained in both Human-Computer Interaction and software development at Loughborough and Oxford University, I'm fascinated by how the web has changed the way we communicate and interact, and how using a user-centred approach to design along with good web standards can really help both businesses and users online.

When not busy working you can find me helping to run UX Oxford, a monthly speaker series focusing on the world of UX (User Experience), bringing in speakers from all over the UK (including the BBC, Oxfam, Vodafone, Microsoft, The Telegraph, and O2 among others) to talk about UX.

I can also be found out attending and photographing web conferences, such as MKGN All dayer, HybridConf and Build.


I'm an extremely keen photographer, loving to get out and about with my camera. When I travel I love to shoot landscapes, portraits, street photography when in cities, and also shoot the occasional web conference/event.

I'm fascinated by pretty much most aspects of photography, and am continuously learning, and like to share what I've learnt where I can. While historically I've always shot using Canon gear, I've been slowly moving over to using the Fuji X-Series - I find it much nicer to carry around for the day due to it's size, and the smallness makes for a more discreet street photography camera.

My Blog

These days most of my online interaction is via twitter, but I keep a simple blog for the times when a longer post is needed.

New things

So excited about my next move - I'm joining the team at TwigKit!

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